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The retail customer journey has changed drastically in the last year. No longer linear, omnichannel is now the new normal - at its simplest, it's about meeting customers how and where they choose to shop. With shopping habits and behaviours in flux, there's never been a more important time to commission a proprietary research study.

In partnership with The Lab, we adopted a customer first approach where we surveyed over 1,000 Australians, then correlated the findings with Woolworths' customer insight to better understand the behaviours that are changing the customer journey and what this means for brands.

Understanding how brands can stand out and appeal to customers in this new environment is crucial, so what's the play?

We unpack the latest findings from this flagship customer research and bring together the plays required for marketers to unlock customer-powered growth.

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Over ¾ of Australians changed the way they grocery shop due to Covid

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Discovery plays a significant role, impacting 26% of purchases in-store and 36% online

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30% of shoppers are now omnichannel and this is expected to grow

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