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What’s really going on for customers when they shop in your category?

That’s what we sought to answer with our national customer research series.

The Category Collection is Cartology’s flagship research program designed to go deeper with Woolworths customers who shop across key categories including Baby, Drinks, Health & Beauty, and Snacks.

These category insights combined with customer transactional behaviour, powered by Everyday Rewards allows Cartology to take your brand closest to customers.

We spoke to thousands of Woolworths customers across major grocery categories.

We’ve conducted four national surveys via the Woolworths Group Gather Panel, to go deeper with category customers across the Baby, Drinks, Health & Beauty and Snacks categories.

The studies looked at purchase drivers, shopping behaviours, retail media interactions and expectations of brands.

What did category
customers tell us?

More and more customers are looking to their retailer to make their shopping journey that little bit easier. Whether recipe inspiration for an upcoming get together, loyalty driving rewards points or information on a product's ingredients.

We also found, with waning brand loyalty and price sensitives, customers are open to brand switching across all our categories. But it’s all up for grabs in the supermarket with nearly 70% of customers engaging with retail media, during their shop.

The supermarket is a playground for education & discovery.

Retail Media is integral to the customer shopping journey.

Brand switching is happening across categories.

customers engage with retail media while shopping across categories.

Reach, engage and convert your category customer with Cartology.

While category customers aren’t all the same, what is clear is the power of retail media to reach, engage and convert your customers with Cartology.

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category customers

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Source: Woolworths Gather Panel, Cartology, Category Collection customer research series (Baby, Drinks, Health & Beauty, Snacks), 2023